Approve API

A simple API to request a user's real-time approval on anything via email, sms + mobile push.

curl -d user="" -d body="Confirm $10000.00 transfer to Alissa P?"
# polling for user's real-time response
{ answer: { result: true, time: 1549336241, metadata: { ip_address:, operating_system: iPhone, } , } , }
Send an approval prompt in
10:26 Tuesday, February 21




Please approve this new transaction

Confirm a $10000.000 transfer to Alissa P? Click below to approve or reject this request...

Please approve this new transaction

to me
Confirm a $10000.00 transfer to Alissa P?
Approve Reject
One API. Approve anything. Built to work for any type of user approval.
Confirm suspected fraudulent credit card charges, large withdrawals or transfers, or unusual activity. Require approval from multiple account admins.
Send magic sign-in links, two-step verification, re-authenticate long-lived sessions, new device confirmations, verify identity for lost accounts or customer support.
Request supervisor approval for internal workflows. Get an audited history of who approved what.
Features Save engineering time. Deliver great UX.
API LibrariesRuby, Javascript, Python, Rust, Go, Java
Customized Approval Templates
Email & SMS
Webhooks & Redirects
Magic Login Links
Push SDK (iOS + Android) Contact us
Multi-Person Approvals Contact us
Fraud Intelligence Platform Coming Soon
Pricing Pay for what you use.
$1 For every 100 user approval prompts you send + $0.0075/SMS For up to 100k requests per month Contact us for higher volume pricing
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